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For us at isoplus, quality means providing our customers with high quality and functional products and services. In order to ensure this, isoplus avail of a comprehensive system of quality assurance, which ranges from the purchasing of raw materials to the production, to execution of construction.

Additionally, quality for us also means being able to offer our customer total solutions whenever possible. The following experience has shown us this: when the client has to combine individual components from many different manufacturers, this often results in losses of efficiency due to the components in the entire system not functioning properly, as they are not compatible with each other. This has occurred even when all the individual components used are high quality products. Often, detecting faults in such cases is also very difficult. Thus, the isoplus motto is:

"One source solutions."

In this regard, isoplus offer not only rigid and flexible pipes, but also stand out amongst others due to the following reasons:

  • We have developed our own connection technology for casing pipes.
  • We have developed our own alarm systems for leak monitoring.
  • We have comprehensive technical departments in many countries in order to support the planner during the planning phase.
  • We have our own measurement technicians for customer service of network monitoring systems.
  • We have our own service engineers for installation of casing joints in many countries.