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Quality assurance in construction projects

As an integral part of the quality assurance process, the highest level of attention must be paid to monitoring of construction. isoplus can guarantee this level of monitoring due to the fact that we have our own regional construction centres for assembly and installation. The quality assurance measures which ensue as part of the planning and execution of a site are carried out directly by the quality assurance department at the construction centres.

Our responsibly-minded and intensively-trained isoplus engineers, technicians, construction managers, head service engineers, and our assembly and installation workers are fully qualified and possess the recognized AGFW and BFW certificates. Other task-related multi-disciplinary activities of the quality assurance department at our construction centres include the inspection of underground and piping construction work, supervision of specifications for insulation and sealing work before the start of construction as well as monitoring the weather situation.

The supervision of isoplus service engineers in their individual activities and the compilation of all individual documentation on the qualification of service engineers in addition to a visual or destructive inspection of the work which has been carried out constitute the completion of the a comprehensive quality assurance process for assembly and installation. Accordingly, as detailed identification of work carried out is possible, every casing joint is permanently marked with a reference number. An inspection of the casings joints by an independent inspection agency can also be additionally carried out.