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16.04.2021 08:14 Age: 282 days

Price increases at isoplus-group effective Apr.15.2021

Price increases as of April 15. 2021 - isoplus Group is confronted with dramatic increases of Raw Materials

Prices for Steel pipes, Polyethylene and raw materials for PU foams have been increased as of Quarter 2-2021 again by a price dictate from the raw material industry. The increases range from 50% - 70%, for one product even up to 100% compared to the level of last year 2020. This makes price adoptions inevitable.

With effect of April 15. 2021 isoplus has adopted all prices, depending on the product group, between 9,5% - 16%. We hope, that these increases will be sufficient for the running year. isoplus continues to monitor the market very close, further increases can be, based on the behaviour from the raw material industry, however not be excluded. In a tight raw material market, isoplus could secure the needed and expected volumes for our client base.