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Price increase due to increased raw material costs on November 1st, 2021 resp. January 1st, 2022

isoplus has decided to increase the prices for all product offerings between 9-12 %

Based on the ongoing increase of all base raw materials like steel on never seen levels, but also increases on nearly every product needed for the manufacturing of district heating pipes (steel based) as well as flexible pipes (PEX), isoplus sees no other way to pass on those increase to our valued customers. Also the increases in logistic costs for transport and packaging as well as salary increases forces us to increase the prices as follows:

Steel based district heating pipes +9% as of November 01.2021

Flexible pipes (PEX) +12% as of January 01.2022

isoplus continues to mitigate cost increases by continuously improving our processes and gaining efficiencies and at the same time securing our supply chain to provide best services and product availability to all our customers.