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isoplus Flexible Pre-insulated Pipe Systems

For more flexibility: the perfect solution for difficult projects

The isoplus collection of flexible pre-insulated pipes and flexible pre-insulated pipe systems are perfect for tricky projects. Our flexible pipes are pre-insulated with high-quality PUR foam and are perfectly protected thanks to our casing pipes. isoplus offers the following flexible pipe solutions:

Flexible pipes and flexible pipe systems

Pre-insulated flexible pipes are longitudinally watertight connection systems ideally suited for building connections, network expansions, bypassing obstacles, and setting up complete low-temperature networks with small nominal diameters. The low minimum-bending radius of the flexible pipes enables a direct route of installation to always be selected. Due to the large supply lengths, the construction operation can be reduced to a minimum. These insulated flexible pipes can be installed quickly and efficiently, pipe trenches can be dug extremely narrowly, and construction costs are reduced. isoplus flexible pipe systems offer economical, ecological and efficient installation. isoplus currently offers the following flexible pipes and pipe systems: isoflex, isocu, isopex and isoclima.

PUR foam for the perfect insulation of your flexible pipe system

All flexible pipe systems are insulated with high-quality PUR foam. This high-quality material provides excellent, high-quality insulation. All pre-insulated flexible isoplus pipes have a diffusion barrier which prevents the PUR foam from aging and guarantees consistent, high-quality insulation over the course of the system's entire operating life.

Our flexible casing pipes

Casing pipes from isoplus are made from tested and proven PELD with a smooth surface. These casings protect the insulation and are highly resistant to weather and UV rays, as well as chemically-contaminated soil. Thanks to continuous processing, the individual components combine to create a longitudinal watertight pipe connection system.

Find out more about the isoplus flexible pipe solutions

Explore our insulated flexible pipe options and request more information as to which flexible pipe system is right for you. Contact the isoplus team today for more advice about our flexible pipes.