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Flexible Pre-insulated Pipe: isocu

Application data

[Translate to Deutschlang(Englisch):] vorgedämmtes flexibles Kunstoffmantelverbundrohr mit Kupfer Mediumrohr
max. permitted op. temp., solder fittings : 

120 °C

max. permitted op. temp., press fittings : 

120 °C

max. permitted op. press. : 

25 bar

max. permitted axial stress : 

110 N/mm2

Information on materials

Medium pipe material :

CU-DHP/R 220 (CW024A)

Casing pipe material :


Insulation material :

polyurethane rigid foam

Min. quality standard :

EN 1057

Dimensions according to :

EN 12449

Connection technology

The connection of copper pipes ensues with capillary solder fittings with the same wall thickness as the pipes or with special press fittings. Enlarging or flaring of the copper pipe is not permitted. The fitting producer’s guidelines and/or regulations on the soldering procedure and type of solder to be used must be adhered to.