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IPS-NiCr measurement procedure

The geometric arrangement of the medium pipe as well as the measurement and loop wires represent a system with four unknown values. These are both the partial resistances RX1 and RX2, with the resistance of the line [Rpipe] (= RX1 + RX2), the insulation resistance of the PUR insulation [RISO] in addition to the tension element [Ux]. The NiCr resistance wire determines the total resistance RΣ. Both the partial resistances RX1 und RX2 are dependent on the location of moisture penetration.

In the event of damage, the conductive moisture will convey a voltage divider value, which is dependent on the location of the fault, to the medium pipe which electrically adopts the function of a third measurement wire. Demonstrably, the ‘connector pipe’ is comparable to the slider on a potentiometer.