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Environmental protection and sustainable development

The call for a sustainable supply of energy is a more poignant than ever topic. Accordingly, sustainable means more than just protecting the environment. The modern interpretation of this term was characterized in the concluding report from “Our Common Future” of the “World Commission on Environment and Development” from the United Nations in 1987.

The commission, under the presidency of the Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, stipulated amongst other things, that sustainable development must be in the position to satisfy the needs of the futures without risking that future generations can not satisfy their own future needs.1

In modern understanding, sustainability is established on three aspects, or rather dimensions. Ecology is one of those, as are equally the economical and social aspects.

Sustainability always takes into account all three aspects. Therefore, development is only sustainable when improvements within at least one of these aspects have been achieved, without this also leading to decline within the other aspects.

isoplus takes the topic of sustainability seriously. We have given a lot of thought to how manufacturers of components in the energy industry can make a contribution to achieving sustainability, and we also endeavour to fulfil this contribution. Find out more!

[1] Henss Th. Fernwärme aus Biomasse und kommunale Nachhaltigkeit (District Heating from Biomass and Communal Sustainability) Ibidem Stuttgart 2008, pp. 13-18