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Strategic solutions to the energy crisis

From the point of view of isoplus, we see three central strategic solutions to the long-term problems in the supply of energy:

  • Change of behaviour: as a result of a change in consumer behaviour, the demand for useful energy can be reduced. Accordingly, consumption of primary energy will also be reduced as a consequence. Therefore, as the need for useful reduces, so will the need for primary energy. The relationship between useful energy/primary energy will stay the same, however.
  • Increase in energy efficiency: as a result of a reduction in non-productive losses of energy, the need for primary energy reduces despite the same level of demand for useful energy. The need for useful energy stays the same, the relationship of useful energy/primary energy increases however, and as a consequence, the need for primary energy reduces.
  • Conversion to regenerative sources of energy: as a result of this, neither the need for useful energy or primary energy will change. Due to environmentally friendly regenerative sources of energy, the negative effects of the demand for energy on the environment will nonetheless be minimised.