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Strategic solution: Change in behaviour

Fig.1: Effects of an increase in energy efficiency
[Translate to Deutschlang(Englisch):] durch Einsparung an Nutzenergie kommt es zu einer generellen Einsparung an nötiger Primärenergie

In changing our behaviour, there is great potential for reduction in the demand for energy, and this is something which is often underestimated in political discussion. For example, avoidance of leaving appliances switched to stand-by1, or a different behaviour of mobility or travel (creation of driving pools, less long-distance travel, use of particularly efficient means of transport such as bus or train). In the same way, avoidance of particularly energy intensive consumer goods contributes to alleviating the energy problem. Moreover, changes in behaviour can also have extremely positive effects in other areas (i.e. less traffic noise). The initiative for this must by no means be left entirely to the consumer.


[1] see also Wesselak V. & Schabbach T. Regenerative Energietechnik Springer Berlin / Heidelberg 2009, Chap. 2