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isoplus products for energy efficiency

Products supplied by isoplus can make a significant contribution in many ways to an increase in the efficiency of energy supply. Amongst others, isoplus supply products for the following uses: der Effizienz in der Energieversorgung leisten. isoplus liefert unter anderem Produkte für folgende Anwendungszwecke:

  • District heating: offers the opportunity to increase efficiency in the supply of heat, in particular when waste heat from other processes can be used for heating purposes (see also cogeneration). The high quality insulation of isoplus products, in particular the superior performance of PUR rigid foam, help to minimize heat loss along a piping network.
  • District cooling: requires in many cases only a fraction of the energy which individual air-conditioning systems or other cooling units need (see also trigeneration).
  • Transport of oil: a high quality insulation also helps to save significant energy in the transport of crude oil or mineral oil products. The energy requirement in order to keep the oil at a minimum temperature, which is necessary for transportation, is clearly reduced in this way.
  • Industrial pipes: isoplus products are also used in the industrial sector in order to transport warm or cool liquids in a highly efficiently way. The distances involved in such transportation can consist of a few metres to many kilometres.
  • Bioenergy:in small-scale bioenergy projects in the field of district heating, the challenge is to combine minimum costs for materials and installation in the construction of a heating or cooling network with minimum losses of energy along the network. isoplus provide special solutions (i.e. flexi-pipe systems) for such challenges and gladly offer their many years of experience of consultancy to customers in such cases.
  • Network monitoring: modern monitoring technology for pipelines which isoplus offer can discover and locate leakage at a very early stage. This helps to prevent, or at least to minimize, losses of energy as a result of leaking fluids. Additionally, costs of materials for replacement parts can be reduced through early detection of faults. The exact location of a fault helps to minimize necessary earth-moving in the case of underground pipes. Both of these measures help to save money and energy.