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Analogue measurement technology

Conventional network monitoring systems are analogue and although digital monitoring equipment is enjoying ever increasing popularity, analogue equipment is still an important component in many monitoring systems. Whilst all data in digital measurement equipment is transmitted to a computer-aided analysis system, analogue equipment is characterized mainly by its independence from other components. The display and analysis of measurement values ensues directly on the unit. The allows for a high level of mobility and independency, which can be an advantage in such situations as the acceptance of construction work, pipe collar tests or in environments where computer systems can not fully function.

Through many years of use and constant further development, modern analogue measurement equipment offers a high level of accuracy and convenience. isoplus analogue monitoring equipment is further characterized by its robustness and functionality. Additionally, all isoplus product groups are compatible to each other at inherent contact points. As a result, monitoring networks with mixed forms of technology are no problem, and this also enables easier and more cost-effective problem-solving solutions in many cases. As with our digital equipment, analogue equipment is available in permanently mounted stationary units as well as mobile and mixed-type units.