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Digital measurement technology

Digital measurement technology is, as always, enjoying great popularity. Due to the transmission and analysis of measurement data on a computer, there are a numerous amount of possibilities to upgrade and enhance a monitoring network.

Basically, a distinction has to be made between mobile and stationary equipment, and the requirements that determine what kind of equipment is to be used. Whilst developing this equipment, particular attention was paid to compatibility amongst equipment, and this has resulted in ensuring problem-free collaboration between isoplus equipment.

Digital measurement procedures for copper wire system

isoplus Digital-Cu is the most reliable and proven monitoring system for all copper wire systems or wire systems based on pulse time delay measurement. Monitoring and detection of problems in the pipeline are carried out through a special type of pulse time delay measurement. By measuring the elapsed time of the electrical impulses and the defect echo, the position of the problem will be localised exactly. Due to this method of measurement, multiple faults can also be detected and found. In addition, any inherent faults in the cable system (broken wire, contact with medium pipe) are also very easily and automatically detected in this way. isoplus software also carries out the complete recording and analysis of measurement data in this system. As a result of the precise display of the pulse diagrams, additional manual analysis of data can also be carried out. Accordingly, this system can also be used for other areas of application. All measurement values are automatically saved and are subsequently useable for later analysis and documentation. Up to 127 measurement points with an entire monitoring length of 1270km can be compiled. Thus, expansion of the network is economically feasible at any time.