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Other accessories

Joining pipe

isoplus pipes often have to be connected to existing channel networks. In case of lateral duct through the channel wall a lateral movement will normally occur. By use of a joining pipe this movement can be compensated. Delivery length of the PEHD-fitting will be 1.00m. It consits of a central placed PEHD casing pipe and socket pipe. Delivery includes a shrink seal for the socket pipe end for sealing of the joining pipe to the PEHD casing of the corresponding PEHD casing pipe.
The sealing of the joining pipe against the channel wall will be made with the technical required wall penetrations. This will be not included in the delivery.

Assembling support

Pipe supports are used as auxiliary bearing support for isoplus pipelines up to a casing pipe diameter of max. 315 mm. Contrary to squared timber, they have not to be removed and should therefore preferably used. Pipe supports consist of extruded hard-foam free of fluorine hydrogen. Three point of support, resp. pieces of supports are required per 6,00 m pipeline.wall penetration. This will be not included in the delivery.

Warning tape

Warning tapes are used for marking isoplus pipelines above the finished sand-bed