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isoplus PUR foam

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Insulate your isoplus pipes with high-quality PUR foam

isoplus PUR foam is an environmentally-friendly insulation for your isoplus pipes. High-quality, lightweight PUR foam is just one of many accessories isoplus offers for your pipeline project.

PUR foam – excellent, long-lasting insulation for isoplus pipes

Polyurethane-hard foam - or PUR foam -  consists of two components: Polyol and Isocyanat. Environmentally-friendly C-Pentane is used as a blowing agent. This blowing agent does not harm the ozone layer nor does it contribute to the greenhouse effect. Our factory-made PUR foam is manufactured with modern high-pressure machines according to our own formula.

An exothermic chemical reaction results in high-quality insulation material with excellent insulation properties and a low specific weight. PUR foam boasts high pressure resistance and a long life under high temperatures.

isoplus PUR foam and additional accessories

The experienced team at isoplus will be happy to answer any questions you have about our PUR foam. Take a look at our other accessories and contact us regarding your isoplus pipe system.