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Safety expansion pads

Safety expansion pads serve to absorb any movement of isoplus pipelines at axial, lateral, and/or angular deflections (L, Z and U joints and bends, branch lines, reducer and end fittings, shut-off valves as well as high and low points).

Safety expansion pads are produced as standard in a thickness of 40 mm and a length of 1000 mm. If a thickness of greater than 40 mm is required, two or more pads have to be bonded on top of one another.

isoplus safety expansion pads are available in three design types:

Standard safety expansion pads

A linear metre of standard expansion pad comprises two strip pieces to be mounted laterally in the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. Accordingly, there is no accumulation of heat at the crown of the pipe.

Partly encased safety expansion pads

Are as the standard expansion pads, however with an additionally attached rigid outer shell of laminate to completely encase the PEHD casing pipe in a closed horizontal-oval design. As a result, there is no accumulation of heat and the occurrence of sand getting between the casing pipe and the pad is prevented.

Fully encased safety expansion pads

Are as the partly encased expansion pads, however they are not in a strip design but rather expansion pad mats. These mats encase the entire area of the PEHD casing pipe completely. Longitudinal and transverse joints are attached by bonding of laminate. A linear metre of fully encased safety expansion pad comprises a piece of mat of 1000 mm in length and the width is dependent on the dimension of the pipe. Due to the high level of heat accumulation, particularly at the crown of the pipe, this version has only a limited application, or alternatively the thickness of the expansion pad is limited to a maximum of 80 mm.