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Wall penetration

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Sealing rings resp. -inserts are used in order to avoid water entry at wall penetrations inside of buildings or manholes. The pipe-layer will be responsible for putting on the sealing rings and for centering the inserts at the wall ducts before the connection to the pipeline of the building.

Sealing ring - standard

Standard sealing ring consists of special profiled, non ageing neoprene rubber ring and is suitable for sealing against non pressing and none damming up water acc. to DIN 18195-4. The ring will be pushed to the middle of the wall duct and will be imbedded in concrete afterwards by a constructing company.

Sealing insert - C 40

In case of pressing and damming up water acc. to DIN 18195-6 a gas- and compressed water tight sealing insert, which can be restreched from inside has to be used. This consists of a double-sealing insert with two steel pressure-disks, as well as each of two EPDM solid rubber (Ethylen-Propylen-Rubber) sealings. All metal parts are electrogalvanized, yellow-chromated and sealed.