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Flexible Pre-insulated Pipe: isoclima

Application data

[Translate to Deutschlang(Englisch):] vorgedämmtes flexibles Kunstoffmantelverbundrohr mit PE-100 Mediumrohr
max. permitted op. temp. : 

40 °C (104 °F)*

min. permitted op. temp. : 

-40 °C (-40 °F)

max. permitted op. press. : 

11,6 bar*

*Design example: A service life of 50 years is achieved at a temperature of 40 °C and a pressure of 11,6 bar. With increasing pressure and increasing temperature decreases the lifetime - for more information see brochure

Information on materials

Medium pipe material :

HD-PE 100

Casing pipe material :


Insulation material :

polyurethane rigid foam


The advantages for you with our new isoplus isoclima pipes are:

  • Weldability of the medium pipe
  • Quicker overall construction time, shorter traffic disruption time during installation
  • Easier routing work in built-up areas
  • No fixed point construction with wall penetrations
  • Good value alternative to PEX pipes within the framework of the technical possibilities
  • No fitting of casing pipes, pipe trenches can be immediately filled in.
  • Supply of coils up to 250m with minimal bending radius from 0,8m