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Application data

[Translate to Deutschlang(Englisch):] vorgedämmtes flexibles Einzelrohr mit PE Mediumrohr
[Translate to Deutschlang(Englisch):] vorgedämmtes flexibles Doppelrohr mit PE Mediumrohren
max. permitted op. temp. : 

95 °C

max. perm. longterm op. temp. : 

80 °C

max. permitted op. pressure : 

6 / 10 bar*


* The maximum permitted op. pressure depends on the duration of operation and the longterm operating temperature

Information on materials

Medium pipe material :


Casing pipe material :


Insulation material :

polyurethane rigid foam

Min. quality standard :

DIN 16892

Dimensions according to :

DIN 16893

Connection technology

The connection of PE-Xa pipes ensues in underground sections preferentially via compressible connection pieces. Screw-threaded connectors are to be used on accessible material transitions in buildings as well as in sanitary systems.