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isoplus pipeline monitoring, damage and leak detection technology

When it comes to monitoring your pipeline for damage and leaks, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Even a tiny leak or small amount of construction moisture can lead to large amounts of damage. This damage can lead to heat loss, pipeline corrosion and operational interruptions. isoplus is proud to offer leak detection and damage detection systems which enable continual pipeline monitoring for moisture penetration and damage to your isoplus pipes.

Digital & analogue measurement technology from isoplus

  • Digital measurement technology is more popular than ever and offers numerous options to upgrade and enhance your pipeline monitoring network. isoplus Digital-Cu is the most reliable pipeline monitoring system and can detect multiple faults as well as any inherent faults such as broken wires or contact with the medium pipe.
  • Conventional analogue network monitoring systems are another effective method of pipeline monitoring. This system is independent of other components – the analysis of measurement values is displayed directly on the unit. This allows for a high level of mobility and independence - an advantage in certain situations such as during approval of construction sites, pipe collar tests, or in environments where computer systems cannot fully function.

How isoplus pipeline monitoring works

Pipeline monitoring consists of inspecting and monitoring not only the area around the casing joint but also every metre of the entire pipeline. Any minimal moisture penetration through the PUR foam due to compromised welding seams or construction moisture, even in highly moisture-resistant areas, will be detected in the same way that damage to the PEHD casing pipe is detected.
All isoplus pipeline monitoring systems include two colour-coded wires embedded in foam which are integrated into pipes and all fittings during production. Once these wires are connected to pipeline monitoring equipment, leaks or other damage to the pipes can be detected and localised early. Pipeline monitoring equipment with electronic components can be installed in buildings, pipeline routes or free-standing units offering optimum protection from premature wear and tear.

Learn about isoplus pipeline monitoring and leak detection solutions:

Don't take any chances when it comes to protecting your pipes – look through the selection of isoplus pipeline monitoring technology and damage and leak detection software. Contact us to find the perfect pipeline monitoring and leak detection solution for your project, the team at isoplus will gladly be of assistance.