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The IPS Autark range is the latest product line from isoplus pipeline monitoring range. The equipment in this range of self-sufficient products connect elements of the IPS analogue equipment and IPS digital, and subsequently combine these with the unique ability to guarantee secure pipeline monitoring independent of mains supply electricity or data connections which rely on cable connections. Additionally, these products also provide the same functional scope as every unit in both of the aforementioned product lines.

The equipment offered in the IPS Autark product line are equipped with a modern high-performance battery, which can guarantee a service life of up to five years* without changing the battery, such as with the ST3000 AUTARK Module, for example. This means they operate completely independent of a mains power supply.

Accordingly, permanent monitoring of a remote-lying or completely inaccessible pipeline (remote-lying networks in shafts or private houses, for example) is no longer a laborious or uneconomical undertaking. As a result, this leads to an increase in safety and a reduction in downtimes.

The equipment is shippable as a 2 or 4 channel device, and is powered by battery or a 230V power supply. Operation will also be possible via networks (alternative to GSM) starting in autumn 2012.

*assuming one daily measurement and a once weekly transmission