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The Autark/SÜ is a completely independent module from the Autark series. It does not include pipe monitoring capabilities and is strictly intended for relays switch monitoring! It provides for continuous trench/water monitoring with direct GSM link to the SSW/Autark Software, for instance into a control centre or into your workstation.

Additionally, any device equipped with a relays switch and/or with an electric circuit can be monitored as well: these include analogue test equipment like ST2000/3000 (independent of manufacturer), temperature limits, light switches, pumps, door locks etc.

The equipment is shippable as a 2 channel device, and is powered by battery or a 230V power supply. Operation will also be possible via networks (alternative to GSM) starting in autumn 2012.

Assuming one daily measurement and a once weekly transmission, the equipment will continuously operate for no less than five years without changing batteries.