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The IPS-Digital - system is the optimal complete solution for a fully automatic monitoring and parallel permanent detection. IPS-Digital will be suitable for copper wire system IPS-Cu as well as for technical comparable systems. IPS-Digital offers a central leak detecting management for medium- up to big respectively branched pipeline networks.

The modular structure will assist the economical construction of a corresponding adapted monitoring installation. With IPS-Digital several specific wire characteristics may be chosen free of any restrictions. Due to this an essential and unique safety at the central recording and evaluation of different sensor-wire-systems can be reached. Due to the software based control and evaluation of the complete system, a simple up-date and configuration to the project-typical factors will be possible. The automatic recognition of the kind of measuring unit, i.e. IPS-Cu, the friendly operation as well as an optimum of safety in monitoring and detecting, are additional essential advantages of IPS-Digital.