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IPS-Digital-MBS: Mobilstation

[Translate to Deutschlang(Englisch):] Koffer mit eingebauter Mobilstation

This complete measuring system is suitable for manual monitoring and detection of unstructured pipeline networks as well as for site application:

  • IPS-Digital-Cu-MBS: mobile unit for Cu-Systems

The handling of the mobile station MBS is very simple, and due to an integrated accumulator the measuring suitcase can be used also independent from the power grid. The control of all manual or automatic measurements will be made via the included notebook and installed control software SSW. For that the notebook will be purchased directly or placed at disposal. Due to the unique flexibility an MBS will be especially suitable for:

  • Acceptance control with direct protocol print out
  • Failure detection with picture print out of impulse-running period
  • Automatic monitoring and detection in free defined pipeline sections
  • Continuous supervising of construction without additional equipment