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IPS-Digital-MDS: Measuring Data Acquisition Station

The central measuring data acquisition station MDS is an essential part of the control of an IPS-Digital network. Together with an usual desktop computer (pc) or notebook and the control software SSW the total network will be central controlled. The MDS is the interface between central-control respectively PC and monitoring network, respectively pipeline.

The measuring data acquisition station works together with the measuring spots (MS). The measuring spot is the basic hardware within an IPS-Digital network and is placed at the corresponding end point of a monitoring section, directly at the pipe end. Depending from requirement measuring spots will be used with 2- or 4-channel technology MS-2 or MS-4. Their control will be made via the measuring data acquisition station MDS respectively via the control software SSW.

[Translate to Deutschlang(Englisch):] digitale Messdatenstation

IPS-Digital-Cu-MS 2 / 4

One Cu-MS will supervise and detect changes of impedance on maximum 2500m sensor wire per channel. For that the impulse-running-period measurement will be used. Additional constant- and alternating voltage as well as ohmic resistance will be determined.