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IPS-Cu measurement procedure

The technology of pulse reflectometry uses highly frequency electrical characteristics of electrical lines. Due to the geometrical arrangement of the bare Cu wires which are embedded in foam, and the medium pipe in addition to the electrical characteristics of the PUR rigid foam, a wave impedance which remains constant along the entire length of the line is set up.

Electrical impulses propagate minimal energy uninterrupted at almost the speed of light. In the event of moisture penetrating the line, which does not have to be electrically conductive, the wave impedance changes in the PUR insulation. The propagation of pulses is interrupted and a refection of the pulses (echo) occurs in this area. The location of the problem is then calculated from the delay time between the transmission pulse and the refection.

For this purpose, we offer our customers our digital monitoring IPS digital hardware. The advantage of this hardware is the pulse input by means of the sample and hold procedure. The wiring system is scanned in regular intervals (sample) and the signals are subsequently stored (hold). IPS digital is contrasting to all pure resistance based devices absolutely independent of the resistance value. So IPS digital offers the opportunity to also detect leckages with low conductivity water in an early stage.