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IPS-Digital-SSW: System Software

One single software will be sufficient for the control of the complete IPS-Digital-Network. All units of the IPS-Digital-Hardware are using this IPS-Digital-System-Software. The following basic logic functions will be carried out:

  • Acoustical and visual alarm
  • Adjustment of the response levels
  • Measured value- and failure evaluation
  • Print out of all measuring data and failures
  • Automatic, software-based detection of failures
  • Calibration of different Cu-Wire-Systems
  • Central, menu-driven operation and control of the complete equipment
  • Archive of measuring data and failures incl. date and time (time-stamps)
  • Direct evaluation of data and plain text announcement of the pipeline condition

Additionally when using AUTARK devices:

  • Battery status details
  • GSM signal details
  • continuous monitoring of two shafts (idependent of the eveluation cycle!)

Because quality concerns us, isoplus releases continuous software updates available for our customers, without additional costs. This will keep your system up to date, anytime!