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isoplus pre-insulated single pipe DISCONTI

[Translate to Deutschlang(Englisch):] vorgedämmtes Einzelrohr im klassischen Fertigungsverfahren

Application data

max. permitted op. temp. : 

min. EN 253

max. permitted op. press. : 

25 bar

standard supply lengths : 

6m, 12m, 16m

available dimensions : DN20-DN1000
network monitoring : IPS-Cu, IPS-NiCr

* available supply lengths are dependent on the selected dimensions. For further information on this, please refer to our catalogue.

Information on materials

Medium pipe material :


Casing pipe material :

high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

Insulation material :

polyurethane rigid foam

  in Standard, 1x or 2x reinforced

Production methods

isoplus pre-insulated single pipes are produced in discontinuous and continuous production (with diffusion barrier layers). The basic information provided here can vary depending on production methods. A more detailed list of all options can be found in our latest catalogue which is available to access free of charge from our download area.