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Who is doing what?

1 ... Purchaser resp. project-owner / 2 ...  Engineering company resp. designing
3 ... Construction works / 4 ... Pipe-laying / 5 ... isoplus

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1Construction design, start of design procedure
2Customer, respectively user acquisition
3Calculation of required energy for users
4Hydraulic network-calculation resp. dimensioning
5First design
6Getting approvals from local authorities
7Measurement of designed trenches in lengths and heights
8Measurement of existing distributing lines
9Work out of trench design in lengths and heights
10Work out of material-list for the project
11Preparing of tender documents
12Dispatch of performance-description
13Price calculation of offer and placing of offer in time
14Work out of project- time schedule
15Placing of order
16Visit of building site before start of works
17Eventually second common measurement of trench after agreement
18Work out of pipe-static calculation of buried pipes
19Demonstration of pipe-static by presenting design for expansion pads
20Material specification of isoplus-pipes, fittings and accessories
21Equipment for building site
22Marking of foreign pipelines along the new trench
23Excavation of the pipeline-trench in consideration of standards and UVV
24Wall penetrations at the houses of the users
25Delivery of isoplus material
26Unloading and weather proof storage of isoplus material
27Draining of pipe trench and keeping it free until refilling
28Building site instruction by isoplus representative, after request
29Preparation of trench-bottom, placing of PU-bars, wooden bars or sand sacks
30Laying of isoplus pipes according to trench design in lengths and heights
31Information to isoplus in case of any modifications and wait for static acceptance
32Visit of building site, discussion in order to find a solution in case of modification
33Placing and connection of medium pipes and fittings according to standard
34If necessary concrete fix-points and wait for setting
35Controlling of medium pipe connections according to tender and standard
36Post insulation works at the jacket pipes connections
37Fixing of required expansion pads in accordance to design
38Eventual thermal pre-stressing (provide sand bridge)
39Insert wall sealing into wall penetration and concrete
40Acceptance of trench and approval for refilling by head of construction company
41Sand filling up to 100 mm above pipe-top and compressing by hand
42Filling and compressing of trench from top of sand bed
43Heat shrinking of end caps at house-connections
44Installation of alarm wire-components
45Removing of remaining material and leaving of building site
46Start of operation of pipe trench, handing over of documentation
47Acceptance of authorities