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System documentation

isoplus will establish on request a technical system-documentation for all delivered materials, as well as corresponding design for pipe trenches and control wires, which may be included into the total project-documentation. Such documentation documents continuous Quality Assurance of the isoplus group and secures safety of the total district heating network, without any complaints for many decades.

The documentation will be delivered in binders. Before the documentation will be established the required extension should be known, because later on it will be not possible to integrate certain chapters. In detail the isoplus documentation includes the following chapters, which may be completed or cancelled as requested case by case:

  • General system-, material and operating description of isoplus products  
  • Technical data and dimensions of materials/products
  • Instructions for assembling, storage, construction work and pipe laying, as well as for postinsulation work of isoplus components
  • Total required material certificates, works and quality-certificates
  • IPS-Cu® or IPS-NiCr® alarm system and operation instructions, assembling instructions,start of operation and acceptance-record
  • IPS-measurement records according to actual data, eventually for several sections, determined according to special measurement procedures
  • Design of alarm wires (scaled) of alarm system IPS-Cu® or IPS-NiCr® showing all installed system-components as black/white copy or in original (by plotter) or as PLT-file
  • Connection couplers records of all post insulation works carried out by isoplus collaborators, certified by AGFW/BFW
  • Actual design of isoplus pipe-trench after pipe-laying work will be finished, based on a detailed measurement design which should be provided, no isometrics ! With all required pipe-static details for buried preinsulated jacket pipes compound systems as black/white copy or original (by plotter) or as PLT-file
  • Pipe-static calculations as PC-print according to given parameters as well as separated to the pipe-trench-marks, based on pipe-static-guidelines for buried preinsulated jacket pipes

In case that several documentation will be required after a project will be finished, we will work out our performance schedule after request, as this is not included in our original offer. Also parts of technical documentation including a.m. details can be established later on after request.

The system documentation service is subject to costs. Upon request, we will be pleased to submit an offer to you in regard to theses services (contact).