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isoplus industrial pipes

Industrial and heat traced pipes: additional solutions for your industrial pipelines

isoplus industrial pipes can be used in many different industrial pipeline projects. isoplus can outfit their versatile industrial pipes with pipeline monitoring technology, as well as heat traced pipes, to ensure you find the perfect solution for your industrial project.

isoplus industrial pipes and their many uses

With isoplus industrial pipes, it is possible to design and construct a suitable factory-made insulated pipe system for every use and medium. Our industrial pipes can be used for everything from waste water systems, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, to refrigeration, cooling and biogas production; from oil and long-distance gas supply to shipbuilding, platform construction and transport of aggressive and highly acidic laboratory products. isoplus industrial pipes are made of three well-known components: a medium pipe, insulation and a casing pipe. Each component can be individually selected for its respective application.

isoplus industrial pipeline monitoring and trace heating options

Our IPS-Cu® and IPS-NiCr®network pipeline monitoring technology can be integrated into isoplus industrial pipes. We can also attach a profile pipe to all steel pipes, which allows an additional cable to be attached without adding a connection at a later date. Alternatively, a heat traced pipe can be attached directly to the medium pipe at the time of production.

Get all the information you need about isoplus industrial pipes

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