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isoplus pre-insulated single and double pipes - a great solution for district heating and cooling

isoplus offers many solutions for your pipeline projects. Our range of pre-insualted single and double pipes are perfectly suited for district heating and cooling, as well as for use in the oil and food industries. The following rigid connection systems are available from isoplus:

isoplus pre-insulated single pipes: ideal district heating pipes

Excellent for district heating and cooling, these pre-insulated pipes are also suitable for many uses in the food and oil industries. High-quality freon-free PUR foam provides insulation and non-breakable, watertight PEHD casing protects isoplus pre-insulated single pipes from environmental factors. All district heating pipes and moulded components manufactured at our factory can easily be assembled on-site as a modular construction system.

isoplus pre-insulated double pipes

An excellent addition to isoplus pre-insulated single pipes for transporting district heating and cooling with maximum ecological benefits for customers. Thanks to the design of the double pipe system, these district heating pipes offer optimum insulation. They also save both money and space during installation due to the system's small size.

Insulation and continuous pipe technology from isoplus

All isoplus pre-insulated pipes are insulated with a polyurethane rigid foam – also called PUR foam - comprised of polyol and oscyanate, in accordance with EN 253. An exothermic chemical reaction results in high-quality insulation with a minimal specific weight and outstanding thermal conductivity: λ50 = 0.0225 up to max. 0.0275 W/(mK). The innovative isoplus continuous pipe production process ensures uniform density of the PUR foam and strength of the PEHD casing, additionally minimising any potential heat loss.
A diffusion barrier layer between the PUR foam and the PEHD protective casing also prevents gas exchange-related aging and changes in the insulation. isoplus pre-insulated pipes retain consistent, excellent insulation for virtually their entire service life.

Casing pipes

Seamless, impact-resistant pipes made of non-breakable, high-density polyethylene PEHD. PEHD has been used for plastic pipe casing systems for years and is the only substance listed in all standards and guidelines for plastic pipe casing systems. PEHD also boasts outstanding welding properties, which means welded seams on moulded components are of the highest standard and quality.

Discover isoplus pre-insulated pipes, insulated oil pipes and district heating pipe connection systems

Find out more about our continuous single and double pipes and discontinuous single and double pipes. For more information or if you have a specific question regarding our rigid connection systems, contact us today.