District Heating  

District Heating

District heating has gained immensely in importance over the last thirty years and is now an integral part of our modern understanding of rational and sustainable use of energy.
The basic concept of district heating is to physically separate sources of heat and consumers spatially. Via a heating supply network heat is transported to consumers that can be located several kilometres away. Only then are particular forms of economical and environmentally friendly heat supply possible. For example, heating supply networks enable the following:

  • Use of surplus and waste heat from electricity production (cogeneration) that would otherwise be lost.
  • Use of industrial waste process heat that would otherwise be lost.
  • Use of large geothermal resources
  • Integration of elaborate technology for waste gas treatment, which is often only useable in large systems due to economical factors.
  • Use of fuels that are normally only used in combination with increased operational demands (i.e. particular forms of biomass). For consumers, district heating constantly functions fully automated.
  • Integration of large heat storage facilities in the supply of heat. Heat storage facilities can, for example, help to homogenize power plant operation (with cogeneration) and subsequently achieve a better degree of efficiency. Additionally, fluctuations in the availability of heat during the course of the day can be regulated (i.e. with large solar power systems). Also, heat storage facilities can be used in order to temporarily convert excess production of electricity (i.e. from wind power or photovoltaic) into heat and use it efficiently for heating purposes. The storage of heat can be less costly in individual cases than the storage of electricity, for example in batteries or pumped storage power stations.

Above all, district heating provides residential buildings, public facilities and industrial organizations with heat to be used to heat rooms and water, whereby the heat is delivered by the producer to the consumer by means of a piping system – clean, energy efficient and low in emissions!

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