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Pre-insulated Pipes: Rigid Network Systems

The classic pre-insulated piping system, which has been well-proven in practice and is constantly improved upon through technical innovation.

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Pre-insulated Pipes: Flexible Network Systems

Flexible network systems are ideally suited to smaller-scale district heating networks and for difficult installation situations. The system is characterized by its simple operation.

Pre-insulated Pipes: Industrial Pipes

isoplus can provide the right pre-insulated pipe for every application where fluids are to be transported, whether juice or chemicals, warm or cold.

Shut-off Valves

Reduced or full bore shut-off valves and the corresponding accessories for single and double piping systems, and as a combination with drainage or ventilation.

Connection Technology & Casing Pipes

Pipe coupling design for the varying technical requirements. All PEHD connector sleeves are conducive to the construction of gas-proof and waterproof casing pipe connectors.


In accordance with the isoplus motto - "one source solutions", we will also gladly provide you with additional elements such as branch pipe boring, wall penetration or assembly materials.

Network Monitoring

In order to register and contain any damage at an early stage, reliable network monitoring technology is essential nowadays. isoplus can provide the right solution for every piping network.