Bioenergy & Agriculture  

Bioenergy & agriculture

Biomass is being coined nowadays as an important cornerstone of future energy supply. Suppliers of primary energy are often companies from the agriculture or forestry industries. More and more, they are trying to refine their primary energy sources into final energy sources, such as heat or electricity, themselves. As a result, the internal value added of the business clearly increases, and as a consequence, many small district heating projects emerge. Pipeline technology from isoplus has been the proven choice for many of these projects.

isoplus recognises small to medium sized projects in the field of regenerative energy sources as an individual market in its own right. In a technical sense, these projects only differ slightly from conventional district heating projects. The main differences in such projects can often be seen in the economic factors involved, however. A decentralized form of energy supply from small to medium sized systems is associated with particular opportunities but also challenges.

Amongst others, it is a matter of having to combine minimal investment costs with a high level of efficiency in the business. This necessity is often considerably more intensive with small-scale projects than large-scale projects. The isoplus product range of flexible pipelines can be a solution here in some cases.

For the initiators of small projects, active and committed citizens who have up to this point also little professional experience in the energy industry, frequently play an integral role in the development of a project. Consultation through reliable partners in business is of extreme importance in such cases. Our professional and reliable isoplus field staff are pleased to be of assistance as a point of contact here.

For many years, isoplus have placed great value on the excellent training of their field staff. Our field staff are not simply sales representatives but much more than consultants to customers. In most of our projects, our field staff are already involved at the early stages in the planning of a project and also remain involved in the project until its completion. In addition, even after completion and commissioning of many projects, isoplus field staff continue to support customers in the operation of their system, i.e. measurement technology experts for network monitoring systems. Our field staff are of course additionally supported by experienced district heating technicians from our internal staff (see also services).

In this way, it is subsequently possible for us to actively support our customers in finding an economically and ecologically optimized solution for their projects. We look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to contact us here.