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The isoplus group

The isoplus group consists of a series of legally independent production and sales companies operating independently all over Europe. Additionally, the headquarter of the group is located in Rosenheim, Germany. The isoplus group is represented by fifteen national companies in Europe, in addition to further representation located in the Arabic-speaking regions and in Kazakhstan.

isoplus is manufacturer of factory-made preinsulated piping systems for district heating supply and all kinds of industrial systems. At our manufacturing plants, where we employee around 1200 staff, we produce pipes and fittings at the highest technical level. For this purpose, we employ the most modern of production systems and innovative manufacturing methods. In order to also enduringly assure and demonstrate this level of production, a continuous system of quality assurance on the basis of internationally recognized certification and standards is in place in the entire isoplus group. Accordingly, all isoplus production plants are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Additionally, we possess numerous environmental certificates according to DIN EN ISO 14001.